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Hebei Jiebin Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd.

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Aluminum Wire Mesh


[China Aluminum mesh] The current method of industrial production of primary aluminum is Hall-Euro aluminum electrolysis. Invented by Hall of the United States and France's Eleu in 1886. The Hall-Elu aluminum electrolysis method uses alumina as raw material and cryolite (Na3AlF6) as the electrolyte composition. The aluminum oxide in the electrolyte melt is decomposed into aluminum by electrolysis at 950-970°C. Oxygen, aluminum is precipitated as a liquid phase at the carbon cathode and oxygen escapes as carbon dioxide gas on the carbon anode. Every ton of primary aluminum produced, can produce 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide, the overall power consumption is about 15000kwh.

Industrial aluminum electrolytic cells can be roughly divided into three types: side-plug anode self-roasting cells, up-plug anode self-roast cells, and pre-baked anode cells. Since the self-baked cell technology consumes high electricity in the electrolysis process and is not conducive to the protection of the environment, the self-baking cell technology is being phased out. At present, the annual output of primary aluminum is about 28 million tons, and the annual output of primary aluminum in China is about 7 million tons.

If necessary, the electrolytically obtained primary aluminum can be refined to obtain high purity aluminum. The current aluminum alloy production method is mainly based on the melting method. Since aluminum and its alloys have excellent machinability, they can be produced by forging, casting, rolling, punching, pressing, etc., such as plates, strips, foils, pipes, wires and other profiles.

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